Hobby Farm Size Manure Spreaders For Sale

Lots of Spreaders now in Stock: G25, G50, G65& P85 units all here in Nova Scotia

Amish made in Pennsylvania by Lancaster Spreader Company. The Lancaster Spreader Company has been #1 in the North American Manure Spreader market for several decades. From the ground up, the Lancaster Spreader is truly a superior spreader!

Built by highly skilled Amish craftsman in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, Lancaster Spreaders are unsurpassed in quality and endurance. They are the most capable compact manure spreaders on the market. Each spreader is carefully built with high quality, durable components to excel in the harshest of Canadian environments. Lancaster Spreaders are easy to use, easy to service with many built-in safety features to ensure easy and safe operation of your spreader. Offered with three assurances, Lancaster Spreaders back-up the quality of their spreaders with a 2-year mechanical and construction warranty.

Each Lancaster Spreader we sell in Atlantic Canada features heavy-duty bronze bearings, T-rod apron chain, heavy-duty roller chain, heavy-duty gearing, poly floor, variable web speeds, optional hydraulic tailgate and commercial bed coating. The Lancaster Spreader weighs significantly more than their equivalent competitors, underlining the quality and durability of these Amish made spreaders.

Lancaster Spreaders can be used with any power source to pull and spread manure or anything else you may need to spread such as compost, etc.

The 4-speed ground driven spreaders (25, 50 or 65 Bushel size) are ideal for small farms and can be pulled with a garden tractor or ATV, while the larger Lancaster Elite Spreader is ideal for larger farms.

The Elite Series Spreader offers standard features such as:

  • 12-gauge COR-TEN steel
  • Fully welded box frame construction
  • 4-speed variable flow control
  • Two beaters for both shredding and spreading
  • Ratcheting hubs
  • Protective box liner
  • Poly-lumber flooring

Lancaster Spreaders are extremely tough. They are built to last and outlast the competition and therefore is a once in a lifetime investment. Fully welded with COR-TEN steel, that does not rust for decades, they combine longevity with ruggedness, making it ideal for Atlantic Canada conditions where equipment can rust quickly in the harsh conditions.

To protect the spreader from the corrosive effects of urine filled manure, Coal-Tar-Epoxy is used to line the inside of the spreader body to add an industrial seal to protect it.

No matter how big or small a job, we have the right size spreader to fit your needs.

Contact us today to get the last spreader you will need for life!

Brand new Spreaders as shown in pictures being sold by the only Authorized Dealer in Atlantic Canada since 2012.

Ground drives include:
25, 50, 65 & 100 Bushel units

PTO drive units include:
50, 85, 125 & 185 Bushel units

Options available:

  • Hydraulic trailer gate
  • Hand pump hydraulic trailer gate
  • Manual tailgate Litter pan

Front end for 4-wheel assembly with teamster seat and wooden tongue in Ground Drive sizes: 25, 50, 65 and 85 Bushel Spreaders.

2-year warranty on all Spreaders covering parts and workmanship but does not cover abuse and operator error.


  1. Oh yeah, I am pleased. It is quiet and it blows manure like crazy. The levers are just long enough to use with the forecart” about a G85 Unit he purchased from LanMay Farm & Supply

    Louis Menard…co owner of La Ferme Trottouse in Quebec

  2. My new toy and I love it – Amish built, manure spreader ground driven 5 speed.
    Sold and delivered to my home by Richard D MacKenzie, real nice gentleman to boot!

    Marossis Dimitrios – Petite Rocher, NB

  3. Review for Ground Drive 100 Bushel Manure Spreader

    “Well built manure spreader for a hobby farm, the three beater system works very well, really like the ground drive–don’t have to hook and unhook the pto shaft if you only have one tractor, hope to get many year’s service out of it.”

    Chris Davis – Upper Kennetcook, NS

  4. I put a few loads out today. The spreader works great.

    Art T – Beamsville, Ontario

  5. Hey Richard, got some manure spread today. 4 wheeler had no problem. I filled it up and it is a smooth working spreader!

    Joy and Dave – Newport, NS

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