The most asked questions and answers on pond aerators

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How does it work?
Strictly wind driven…no electricity bills to pay
How many Km/hour winds does it take for it to start up?
When it is new it takes about 13 – 16 km/h, once it’s broken in (about 1 month) it will take about 5 – 8 km/h winds to start it up
What if the winds get to strong?
The way the fins are angled and the size of the tail fin, it will turn out of the wind and slow down by itself. You don’t have to be there to shut it down, there is no brake on the windmill and we would rather see it turning as it creates less stress on the windmill that way.
How many CFM’s does it put out?
Approximately 3-5 ft3 @ about 19-24 km/h of wind…Remember…it all depends on the wind speed
How fast does it spin before it slows down?
Approximately 85-90 RPM
What is the size of the fan?
Windmill fan blade is 60” (150 cm) or 5 ft in diameter
What kind of pump is it?
Direct drive compressor with stroke 1.25” heavy duty rubber air bag made by Goodyear Tire
What is the life expectancy of the pump?
The manufacturer has been selling them since 1997 so we don’t know… No problems yet!
What is the structure made of?
It is all aluminum and stainless steel nuts and bolts
In the winter, what if there is no wind and the pond freezes over?
As soon as the wind picks up enough to turn the windmill the fan will open it up (or melt the ice) NEVER walk out to check the ice where the diffuser is!!
Does it work in all seasons and does the ice build up on the fan blades?
Yes it does work in all seasons, ice build up has never affected the fan. The airline does not freeze up during the winter.
In the winter does it keep an opening in the ice?
Yes, as long as the wind is blowing enough to keep the windmill fan blades turning
Time frame to start healing a sick pond?
Give or take depending on how bad it is… within one (1) full year or less
What is the diffuser?
A large round head device with thousands of tiny holes in it to distribute the air bubbles (or oxygen). We use a diffuser that is made of rubber which is the same as many sewage treatment ponds so it will not clog or gum up. It also serves as a check valve so the water can’t back up into the airline to freeze up. It is set on the bottom of the pond or approximately 10 – 12 ft of water depth. The diffuser is held in place at the bottom of pond by a 3/16” thick plate 12” x 24” weighing about 6 lbs.
Is the airline weighted to keep it from floating on top of the water?
We have weighted airline and a non weighted airline, it is your choice when purchasing the aerator as to what you want to do…the non weighted airline comes with the windmill…other is much more cost.
Depth to bury airline:
Just below grass roots seems to work fine.
Diffuser Placement:
Place at the bottom of your pond with the plate to anchor it down. Placement is often done with a construction rope around each side of diffuser and positioned in pond from the banks and then the rope is released for it to settle to bottom at desired location.
Can you hook more than 1 diffuser to 1 windmill?
Yes you can (2), but you have to hook up a splitter valve so you can adjust the air flow to both diffusers. The one that is going to release the air is the one that is in the more shallow waters. Odd shaped ponds which are kidney or oblong may need two diffusers
for best water movement.
How to determine the size of the windmill to the location of the pond?
If you are in a wide open space, a 20 ft will do, but if you are in a low spot, you need to get up high enough to catch the wind. In that case, you may need to go with a 30 ft windmill or you can add more air line up to around 300 ft… again, remember you need to have wind to drive the windmill.
How is the windmill anchored?
The windmills come with large foot anchors (32” long x 8×10” plate welded on the bottom). They need to be buried 32” in the ground, fill the holes up with soil and most times no concrete is required.
Does lightening have any effect on the windmill?
The windmill is grounded through the anchors
Is there any kind of warranty?
Yes, 1 year on workmanship