May-Bridge Chain Harrows

“Bridge” Estate Harrow
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May Bridge Heavy Duty Chain Harrows
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Strong, Durable and Versatile Harrows made in Ontario, Canada

May-Bridge Harrows has been making the “Bridge” Chain Harrow for 40+ years.

We are the ONLY May-Bridge Harrows stocking dealer in Atlantic Canada

Ralph Bridge Chain Harrows Ltd. known as May-Bridge Harrows is a family owned and operated Canadian Company founded in 1981. The company’s Chain Harrow is patented in North America. The Harrow includes some important selling points, such as the use of 5/8″ steel, and exclusive quality specifications, and the unique patented tooth design.

The BRIDGE Harrow is ideal for:

  • Hay and pasture
  • Preparing seed beds
  • Covering seed
  • Spreading manure
  • Incorporating herbicide
  • Horse training tracks
  • Landscape

Teeth are provided on both sides.

  • 3 inch teeth are angled 45° for better trash harrowing and lighter harrowing action on one side.
  • 3 inch teeth are angled 15° on the opposite side for more rigid harrowing action.
  • This harrow, because of its unique tooth arrangement, is self cleaning under most conditions.

Its superior design discourages folding up of the tail section during high speed harrowing and provides better tooth penetration. The ⅝ inch Hi-Carbon steel teeth provide much longer hinge-joint life – an area where most harrows fail first.

Chain Harrows can be pulled with ATV, Side by Side, Farm Tractor or Horse(s).

Available in Heavy Duty Orange or Light Duty Blue.

Width sizes range from 4’4” up to 26’.
Depth sizes range from 86” deep (most common)…in stock OR the Long Harrow at 114” from the drawbar back…available but not in stock.

The regular May Bridge Harrows (Orange) in stock and available in these sizes: 4’ 4”, 6’ 6”, 8’ 8”, 10’ 10”, 13’, 15’ 2” and up to 26’ in stock

Other Sizes available but not in stock: 17’ 4”, 19’ 6”, 21’ 8”, 23’ 10”

The Bridge Estate Harrows in stock:
5′ and 6.5′ (feet wide)

3PH Lift Kits for each size in stock

“Bridge” Estate Harrow
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May Bridge Heavy Duty Chain Harrows
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