Pioneer Footlift Sulky Plough


This was a Demo plough only…may have ploughed 3 acres total so it’s basically just like new as nothing is worn whatsoever !

This unit has a KV Bottom which pulls up to 18% easier than conventional plough bottoms ( like JD or Oliver) according to research conducted at Ohio State University on behalf of Pioneer Equipment.

This is a 12” Bottom KV Plough Comes with hardwood tongue with sliding neck yoke. Comes with this extra Spring Hitch if ploughing in extra Stoney ground and it’s a “shock absorber” as such making it easier on the horses at times. Comes with a set of black Steel Doubletrees from the Pioneer factory. This plough can be used with a team, 3 or 4 abreast or a tandem hitch etc…more horses…easier going and longer going.

The significance of the FOOTLIFT aspect of this plough is that you use your feet for raising and lowering the mouldboard and you just concentrate on driving your horses and also NOT pulling levers.

In 2019, this same plough with all the components which is listed here sells for $5600 Canadian funds plus tax ! This plough is being sold with everything listed as a package deal for $3475.00 FIRM HST is extra for a total of $3996.25 NON NEGOTIABLE !!